Our Services

Works & Lentz, Inc, collection services typically includes skip tracing, collections, payment monitoring, and pre-litigation investigation as to the collectability of a judgment. Post-judgment activities may include garnishments, attachments of assets, and other legal recovery methods that result in successful collection efforts. Our techniques are not only innovative but also effective.



The Firm's main focus and experience is in the collection (and legal collection) of Primary and Secondary medical and retail debt.  We feel with our background and 21 years of experience, we understand our clients' expectations in keeping with their philosophy as well as ours, to optimize collection results.  The following services are all done in-house and include:


Extensive Collection Department
Skip Tracing
Insurance Follow Up
Personal Injury/MVA Department
Workers' Compensation Department
Legal Collections
Post Judgment Collections



  • Collection software is custom written by our own data processing department to ensure flexibility and compatibility with the requirements of our various clients.
    Ability to sign into our clients' A/R system (when they allow it) to check balances/payments, notes, print from imaging, etc.
    Automated dialer system enables us to deliver optimum results with maximum efficiency.
    Interactive communication system offers debtors the ability to pay and/or make arrangements on a bill without speaking to a live person if they prefer.
    Extensive skip tracing is used to locate and successfully collect accounts.
    Website offers an online pay site as a convenience to your patients.
    Payments can also be made over the phone with ACH and/or Debit/Credit cards.
    Ability to send/receive our clients' data by encrypted electronic form is both efficient and secure.
    Ability to pull credit scores to assess collectability.
    All inbound/outbound collection calls are recorded for training and quality.
    Utilization of Spector 360, the most advanced computer monitoring and filtering tool available to ensure proper usage by employees of our resources.